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Amazon sells various products and services, in particular several hosting services like S3 and EC2 that may be used for various indieweb site features, as well as a review post silo.



You can POSSE review posts about products to Amazon.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki has POSSEd at least one review (posted as a note), to Amazon since 2015-06-23:

Amazon Author Pages

Amazon provides "Author Pages" for book authors, which you can set up through their "Author Central" tool.

If you are an author of a book listed on Amazon, you can create your own author page.

You will need to verify your email address, then you'll be able to "claim" books on Amazon that are yours. Once you've logged in, you're given a dashboard where you can customize your author page, including adding a photo, choosing a custom URL, adding a bio, and even import a blog RSS feed to show on the page.

Author Central cannot be used to update any product information about your books.


IndieWeb Examples


POSSE wishlist

You could keep your wishlist on your own site, while also POSSEing it to Amazon so that others that look for your wishlist there would find it.

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  • Criticism: Fake reviews with false information, verified purchasers paid by brands to purchase the product and leave reviews:
    • "Hey people who review on Amazon... Just wondering how a myriad of blatantly false reviews can all show "verified purchase". Is this a known scam I was just unaware of?

      I got sucked into a horrible cookbook where the reviews are great & talk about recipes that don't exist inside." @stefsull January 5, 2020

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