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Une blogroll est une liste d'autres sites que vous lisez, auxquels vous êtes abonné ou que vous recommandez.


Doc Searls a été crédité de l'invention du terme blogroll dans un post de blog post du 2000-12-17.

Exemples IndieWeb

IndieWeb community members with blogrolls:

Tom Morris

Modèle:Tommorris has a blogroll separate from his home page since ????-??-??

Barnaby Walters

Modèle:Barnabywalters has a blogroll marked up with h-card and xfn since ????-??-??

gRegor Morrill

 gRegor Morrill displays a list of sites he's following at since 2016-04-05
  • Uses only simple h-card markup, pending consumers that need something more.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has had the built in blogroll for WordPress since he started, but began actively using one on 6/25/17 with xfn. The OPML file for his larger firehose feed of followed sites can be found at Rather than the previous traditional sidebar blogroll on his front page (or all his pages), he has opted for a much larger following page to display all the people/sites he's following. In the modern web, people are following a much larger set of people and sites than in the early 2000's blogging era, this full page is meant to reflect that reality.

Ryan Barrett

Modèle:Snarfed keeps a list of feeds (including blogs) he reads:

Examples in the wild

More example


  • I have two issues with traditional-style blogrolls: they required maintenance, and have no utility other than existing on your homepage for people to maybe click. 16:24, 1 July 2013 (PDT)

Remove maintenance by making blogrolls more tangible — for example derive them from your address book, a feed reader or people you mention. In the past blogrolls often meant “people who’s blogs I read”, and were organised by frequency. All of that information exists/could be derived from feed readers. Similarly, “people I mention” is a tangible, interesting metric which reflects real-world behaviour.

Blogrolls could also be made more actionable, for example if feed readers were to accept a URL with XFN and h-card on, and subscribe to all of the people, or a filtered subset (e.g. all XFN friends, or h-cards tagged with a particular p-category).

Colin Walker has both a traditional blogroll and what would be better described as a "mentionroll" located at The latter is a list of people who have actively interacted with his site or content by means of Webmention. He has put the code (for WordPress) on Github.

Perhaps upcoming functionality made more easily available by Microsub will be helpful in extending the idea of a blogroll or who to follow functionality.


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I ditched my blogroll quite some time ago, when I discovered that revising it was a social act with social consequences. One of the principals in the current blogroll debate had swamped my (often inadequate, conceded) ability to cope with moodiness, angry chaff, incessant conflict, and “if you’re not 100% with me you’re 100% against me—AND YOU SUCK!” all-or-nothing thinking.

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