De Mi caja de notas

Money can represent freedom, safety, experience, generosity, attractiveness, power, or whatever you want.
But really, money is as neutral as math.
Because it’s neutral, people have projected all kinds of meaning onto it.
Your biggest obstacle to getting rich is the harmful meaning you’ve attached to it.
Your biggest advantage can be projecting a helpful meaning onto it.
Make it mean you’re on the right path.
Make it a game.
Make it mean you’re free.

Create your own business.
Come up with a brand name that can be attached to any business.
(Perhaps it’s your name.)
Use it for the rest of your life on everything of quality.
A recognized brand can charge a premium price, earning more than unrecognized names.
Instead of thinking of customers as leading to a sale, think of each sale as leading to a life-long relationship with a customer.