Fais un million d'erreurs

De Mi caja de notas

Tu apprends mieux de tes erreurs.
C'est avéré.
Tu devrais donc délibérément faire autant d'erreurs que possible.

- Note-Making Challenge Writers say you should quickly finish a bad first draft, because it gets the idea out of your head and into reality, where it can then be improved. - Derek Sivers

- Inner voice yesterday (Feb 14 2022 - 600 photos from Octave taken last Saturday. Picking some sample. All Fuzzy. 😡… Don’t worry tof. Just change your old camera lens (50mm) for a new one[1]. Go back to your photoflow with Pierre-Luc’s Pentax. - CapiWiki

  1. Autofocus repairing is more expensive than buying a new one