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à contacter pour café ou indiewebcamp à Bruxelles (JAMstack)

  1. Meet the cook

Webstoemp is the portfolio and blog of Jérôme Coupé, a teacher, designer and front-end developer from Brussels, Belgium.

I am a front-end developer with an interest in design and UX. These are the kind of projects I usually work on:

* User interface design * Code prototypes * Design systems / pattern libraries * HTML/CSS/JS development * JAMstack websites (Eleventy, Hugo, Jekyll) * Content Management Systems implementations (Craft CMS, Dato CMS, Contentful, Forestry, Netlify CMS) * Workshops

When not freelancing, I teach design and front-end development at IAD in Louvain-La-Neuve.

    1. Partner with clients

I favour partnerships over one-shot projects. I frequently work in house as part of the team. I believe collaboration and conversations are the best tools to solve problems.

    1. Working with agencies

I work with web agencies and specialise in being at the intersection of design and development. I have been writing HTML, CSS, JavaScript and creating websites for the last 23 years. I can hit the ground running if you need help on a project.

    1. Get in touch

I am out and about a lot. [Email]( and [Twitter]( are probably the most effective ways of getting in touch.