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Kindle is Amazon's book silo service and hardware e-reader devices for viewing those books. They utilize a number of proprietary file types including .mobi, .azw, .tpz, and others that often include DRM protection and prevent books from being transferred easily from one device to another or from being converted to other file types.

Data Export

Book files can often be exported directly from most devices by connecting them directly to a computer.

Highlights and Annotations

These are typically kept in a file named clippings.txt which is a simple text file with the highlights and annotations along with date and timestamps.

Highlights and annotations are also synced to Amazon's site at and if one has a linked Goodreads account, they will be mirrored at

Several services offer alternate means for extracting some Kindle data:

  • offers a paid service (as a Chrome extension) that exports Kindle annotations in a variety of formats. There is a free version that allows uploading of myclippings.txt to extract clippings. It also supports export to Evernote.
  • Calibre offers an import data tool
  • Readwise Will allow you to sync your Kindle, iBooks, and Instapaper highlights and review them.
    • Bookcision provides a bookmarklet that allows export of annotations by book from Kindle in plain text, XML, and JSON formats.


Remote Book Deletion

2009 Deletion of "1984" book incident.

Requires software updates or else


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Kindle est un nom de famille courant au Liechtenstein et en Suisse. En anglais, le terme kindle veut dire « allumer, enflammer ».

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