Le Wagon

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Le Wagon is a coding school founded in 2013 and run by [Boris](https://twitter.com/bpapillard), [Romain](https://twitter.com/romainpaillard) and [Sébastien](https://twitter.com/ssaunier) in Paris, France. **Le Wagon's mission is to bring technical skills to creative people.** Our [9-week coding bootcamp](https://www.lewagon.com/programme) gives you the ability to build a prototype of any idea you might have. No technical background needed, just your motivation.

1180+ students already graduated from Le Wagon. They found positions as Junior Web Developers, Product Managers (who can code, huge!), Technical Sales, etc. Others started their company, raised money, built a team. Others got back to their old job with their new super powers. <footer class="h-card">Source https://www.lewagon.com</footer>