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MindMatch on this website is available to portraitxtof’s family, friends, captains and any Nesslabs member. Get matched with another member of Meet∏ and grab a virtual coffee. Will include a thoughtful conversation guide in French with prompts that will expand your mind.

Learn more about the membership and join.

> Christophe and Cassia ,

You both signed up for Mind Match — here's your buddy for a virtual coffee :)

Topics you have in common: Writing, Creativity, and Mental Health. We have also put together an optional conversation guide with some prompts to get you started.

You are based in France and Austria in terms of timezone.

Next steps:

• Find a date and decide on a duration for your call (I suggest 30 minutes at first). The first person to reply can move me to bcc. • Decide where the virtual coffee will happen (Zoom, Hangouts, Skype) • Add it to your calendar • On the day, make yourself actual coffee or tea! • Optional: take a screenshot for posterity (tag @ness_labs if you post it on Twitter)

That's it! Have fun :)

And if you ever want to be matched again with someone else, https://nesslabs.com/match.