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Royal Yachting Association
IOC nationGreat Britain & Northern Ireland (GBR)
National flagUnited Kingdom
Other sports
Official websitewww.rya.org.uk
Year of formation1875 (1875)
Former namesYacht Racing Association
International federationWorld Sailing (World Sailing)
World Sailing members pagewww.sailing.org
World Sailing member since1907 Founding Member
Continental associationEuropean Sailing Federation
National Olympic CommitteeBritish Olympic Committee
National Paralympic CommitteeBritish Paralympic Committee
Other affiliation(s)
  • European Boating Association
PatronThe Queen
PresidentThe Princess Royal
  • Chris Preston (Chair)
Chief ExecutiveSarah Treseder
Number of staffApprox. 160
Company statusLimited Company
  • Scotland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Cymru Wales
  • North West
  • North East
  • Midlands
  • East
  • London & South East
  • South
  • South West
RYA ensign

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is a United Kingdom national governing body for sailing,[1] dinghy sailing, yacht and motor cruising, sail racing, RIBs and sportsboats, windsurfing and personal watercraft and a leading representative for inland waterways cruising.[2]


The Yacht Racing Association was founded in November 1875.[3] Its initial purpose was to standardize the rules of measurement to different racing yachts so that boats of different classes could compete fairly against each other.[4] Membership at the time cost two guineas and was available to "former and present owners of racing yachts of and above 10 tons Thames measurement and such other gentlemen as the committee may elect".

In 1921 the YRA incorporated the independent Sailing Boat Association and the Boat Racing Association into its body. In 1952 the YRA became the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).[5]

The RYA remains constituted as a membership association, with a Council of elected volunteers as its supreme policy-making body. It publishes over 110 maritime titles that are regarded internationally and is translated into more than 20 foreign languages. RYA Magazine is the organisation's membership magazine.[5]


While the RYA Council is the RYA's senior policy-making body in boating matters, responsibility for the Association's different activities and areas of interest is delegated to a number of policy committees.

The main function of the policy committees and sub-committees is to agree and oversee the implementation of RYA policy in their respective areas. Responsibility for day-to-day management of each area rests with the RYA's professional staff, with the relevant departmental manager acting as secretary to his or her committee.

Powerboat Racing

The RYA announced in August 2018 that they would no longer act as the national authority for powerboat racing in the United Kingdom.

‘Financial, safety, and reputational challenge's were the reasons given for the decision alongside the fact that the Powerboat Racing office had only issued 92 adult and 18 junior licences in 2018.[6]

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Sigle de la RYA

La Royal Yachting Association est la fédération nationale des sports nautiques du Royaume-Uni. Membre fondateur de la Fédération internationale de voile (l'ISAF, à cette époque l'IYRU), la RYA est créée en 1953 à partir de la Yacht Racing Association fondée en 1875.


La Royal Yachting Association exerce une autorité nationale sur les sports nautiques suivants[1] :


La Yacht Racing Association (YRA) fondée en 1875 devient la Royal Yachting Association (RYA) en 1953.

Agissant en autorité fédérant les yacht-clubs britanniques, l'YRA a, tout au long de son existence, choisi les jauges de course à appliquer lors des régates. Elle est aussi intervenue sur les tables d'allégeance de temps associées aux ratings (la valeur jaugée de chaque voilier) calculés à l'aide de ces jauges.

La première jauge adoptée par l'YRA en 1876 est celle du Royal Thames Yacht Club[2], le Thames Measurement datant de 1855. Suivent d'autres jauges, marquées en particulier par l'abandon des jauges au tonnage pour une jauge à la voilure (à la longueur et à la voilure) en 1886 : la lenght and sail area rule préconisée par Dixon Kemp depuis 1880[3].

En 1895 l'YRA adopte une jauge à trois dimensions similaire à la jauge Godinet de l'Union des yachts français de 1892. Cette jauge combinant la longueur, le volume et la voilure évolue jusqu'à l'adoption de la jauge internationale de 1906 et la création de l'IYRU (International Yacht Racing Union) en 1907.

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