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Woodwind est un lecteur indie minimaliste développé par Modèle:Kylewm.

  • Il existe une instance fonctionnant sur (semble être hors-ligne en date du 2018-02-06)
Site hors-ligne 2018-02-06


  • Support des flux h-feed et xml
  • Connexion avec IndieAuth
  • Réponses aux posts (likes, réponses etc.) via differents mécanismes configurables :
    • Micropub: likes and replies are posted directly to the user's site with minimal clicking.
    • indie-config: supply indie-actions for each entry, use javascript to configure the endpoints using web+action handler.
    • Configurable action URLs: configure actions and action urls in the user settings page. This is like indie-config but the configuration is stored in Woodwind instead of your web+action handler.
  • Stream-style, avoid feeling like checking email (constantly marking things as read and unread).
  • Low maintenance. I'm trying to keep the core code under ~500 lines, moving reusable pieces to libraries or flask extensions (e.g.,
    • Well I still think this was a noble goal but I blew past it. LOC is closer to 1000 now.
  • Reply context for in-reply-tos h-entrys and tweets (via twitter-activitystreams and a special Twitter user @woodwind_reader that doesn't have access to anyone's private feeds)
  • Embed instagram photos, youtube, and vimeo content when text includes a link and no other embedded content.
  • Supports subscribing to Pubsubhubbub feeds (h-feed and xml)
  • Websockets-based live updates using a Node.js proxy almost exactly copied from, thanks for documenting portrait Aaron Parecki!!
    • Probably need to improve the UI to hide updates behind a "# new posts" link like twitter.
  • http request caching[1]

Configuration pour Known

Ceux qui aimeraient installer rapidement les URLs Action Configurables pour utilisation avec Known peuvent couper/coller ce qui suit :

On doit juste remplacer `` par son URL de site appropriée.

Notez que pour utiliser les fonctionnalités "like" et "repost", on aura besoin du plugin KnownReactions sans lesquels, ces boutons ne fonctionneront pas proprement sur votre installation.


  • Feeds that are successfully subscribed via PuSH and have received at least one update ping should be polled at a lower rate, 1x/day probably.
  • Show "liked" status if a post has been previously liked
    • remember successful likes posted through woodwind, and poll the user's unfiltered h-feed to pick up the rest
    • alternative proposal: parse p-like on the target permalink. (This would not be good enough for the feeds I subscribe to... legacy xml feeds, proxied twitter stream, sites that do not publish comments like, sites that pull in comments from an external service via javascript)
  • Support "unlike" a status that has been previously liked
  • Aggregate posts by the same author within some temporal window (probably by day)
  • Cluster simple posts (e.g. "like" posts on
  • Quick access to {facebook,twitter,instagram} to make it easy to subscribe to social network feeds.


A bad pun... woodwinds are "reed" instruments.

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