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« Les téméraires... croient qu'ils savent, les sages... savent qu'ils croient. »

— Jean Rostand, Ce que je crois.



Saint Guénolé


Le beaucoup savoir apporte l'occasion de plus douter.

<footer>(Michel de Montaigne, Essais, Livre II, )</footer>

archive Lou Reed

« The musician's widow, Laurie Anderson, is donating his personal archive of recordings, photos and business records to the New York Public Library. »

<figure class="u-photo">Tai-chi-archives-de-lou-reed-jonathan-blanc-NYPL.jpg<figcaption>Jonathan Blanc / The New York Public Library</figcaption></figure> <figure class="u-photo">Jonathan-Blanc-archives-lou-reed.jpg<figcaption>Jonathan Blanc / The New York Public Library</figcaption></figure>

The Lou Reed Archive includes:

  • Original manuscript, lyrics, poetry and handwritten tai-chi notes
  • Photographs of Reed- including artist prints and inscriptions by the photographers
  • Tour itineraries, agreements, road manager notes & paperwork
  • 600+ hours of live recordings, demos, studio recordings and interviews
  • Reed’s own extensive photography work
  • Album, book, and tour artwork: mock-ups, proofs and match-prints
  • Lou Reed album and concert posters, handbills, programs, and promotional items
  • Lou Reed press for albums, tours, performances, books, and photography exhibits
  • Fan mail
  • Personal collections of books, LPs and 45s

<footer>Communiqué NYPL</footer>

« The archive is a panoramic picture of Lou’s music, pictures, friendships, writing, tai chi and performances as well as a recreation of the scenes and cities he worked in and loved, » said Laurie Anderson

<figure class="u-photo">Larson-Lou-Reeds-Archive-Coming-to-the-New-York-Public-Library-690.jpg <figcaption>The Lou Reed Collection comprises around three hundred linear feet of paper records, electronic records, and photographs; some thirty-six hundred audio recordings; and some thirteen hundred video recordings. Photography de Lou Reed / THE LOU REED COLLECTION, THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY</figcaption> </figure>

<figure class="u-photo">Lou-Reed-archive-Single-mockup-Mick-Rock.png<figcaption>Jonathan Blanc / The New York Public Library</figcaption></figure>