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Rosemary Orchard

Rosemary Orchard is a developer at the Technical University of Vienna, and eats entirely too much chocolate.

Please feel free to borrow/steal/expand on the project and session ideas below!

Project Ideas

  • Static site based on WordPress data? (Based on what Charlie,, is thinking of from her intro in Berlin 2019)

Completed Projects

  • Change my post excerpts for location containing posts to contain a map if there is no picture, and to include the location name data
  • Support for multi-photo posts on WordPress - first photo (or only photo) could optionally be marked and understood as featured.
  • Recreating Glympse functionality on my own website (generate a random URL, which shares my current location via Compass for a pre-determined time period)

Session Ideas

Brighton 2019 Ideas

  • Taxonomy: Auto categorising posts based on post kind unless specifically overridden? What role do tags play?
  • Mozilla MDN Docs for IndieWeb: How do we get started? What should we cover/include?
  • Private/Protected Posts: How are you doing this, what's the goal?

Previous Sessions

Issues I want to solve

  • I would love to be able to have different channels in Aperture (Microsub) post to different categories in WP. As tags which match category names are auto "translated" into categories, this might be as simple as adding "preferred tags" to microsub channels, which are included in the micropub?

Events Attended