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Hi, my name is Ivo, and I love the wind!

I am an addicted kiter, helicopter and jet pilot who seeks the wind, waves, METARs and powder snow almost constantly. Since programming is my passion, I coded []( in 2014 as my pet project. The original version was highly inspired by the products from the Swiss company Meteoblue and other project called "Earth", that displayed animated wind particles on the globe. I have completely rewrote open source codes of Earth and also made an agreement with Meteoblue to use some of their products that time. And thus Windyty was born (renamed to Windy a few years later). My goal is to keep Windy small and fast to be accessible in the most remote locations.

In 2014 Windy was born, under its former name Windyty.

In 2015 the Windy team grew to a few more programmers: Milan and Tomas. We use GFS and NEMS as the main forecast models.

In 2016 we launched Android and iOS mobile Apps and we renamed Windyty to Windytv, which turned out to be a big mistake. As one of the few companies in the world, we have the use of the ECMWF forecast model, which is recognised as the most accurate model available.

In 2017 our team grew to 5 people and we have changed the name to **Windy** with nice and short address []( During hurricane season Windy become major source of weather information for governments, institutions and individuals in affected areas, virtually saving the lives.

In 2018 we launched a new European weather radar, thunderstorm forecast and many other major innovations.

Our goal is to provide the best weather forecasting service in the world.

The original "launch" video from 2014:

Contact: [1](

Investor relations: Windy is a private company owned by its founder and employees.

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