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Paris, le mardi 8 octobre 2019

« En ma fin est mon commencement. »

— Thomas Stearns Eliot (Les Quatre Quatuors, 1935-1943)


indieweb et PIMS

Effrayé par la lifestack de Jack Baty qui ne parvient pas à tout trouver : https://www.baty.net/2019/why-cant-i-find-anything/

> It’s amazing, and frustrating, to me when I can’t find some bit of information. It’s not as if I don’t have a place to keep things. Oh, no, it’s definitely not that. I’m well aware that it’s having _too many_ places to keep things that makes it so hard to find stuff.

> Several times this week I went looking for information about something from more than a couple years ago and couldn’t find it. This was maddening, since I like to think of myself as someone who takes copious notes about everything and has a thoughtfully-considered system for storing them.

> But where did I put that one thing? How the hell should I kow? I mean, it’s probably somewhere in one of these…

 * Tinderbox
 * TheBrain
 * Un fichier texte (Markdown)
 * DEVONthink
 * Confluence
 * TiddlyWiki
 * Evernote
 * Curio
 * Circus Ponies Notebook
 * Ulysses
 * Apple Notes
 * VoodooPad
 * VimWiki
 * Org-mode
 * Mes Blog(s) (GoHugo https://github.com/jackbaty/baty.net-hugo)

> Do you see what I’m dealing with here? It’s madness.

> I start out with the best of intentions. I’ll say, “_This cool New Thing_ is where I’m keeping everything from now on!” I’ll move recent stuff into New Thing and convince myself that I’ve finally solved my problem. For good!

> Fast forward two weeks…

> New Thing is great, but I miss [INSERT FEATURE] about Old Thing. I open up Old Thing and OMG how did I ever stop using this? It’s awesome!

> Sigh. Repeat this on a regular basis over a decade or more and it’s just a confusing, messy, shit-pile and I’m fumbling around in Spotlight hoping to get lucky.

> Anyway, you can probably guess what I’ve been doing this weekend. Maybe I’ll sum it up in another post if I can get over the shame of it all.

Explorations en cours

... Reste concentré sur Drafts, Things et DayOne.

  • Blot avec git > regard par curiosité
  • TiddlyWiki > par amour des wikis, test en local sauvegardé sur le DD du 💻